An ultra-modern drop in replacement for 4 string MM & O.L.P type Bass Guitars. Twin coil Humbucker Featuring 1 coil with Neodymium rare earth Magnets, the 2nd coil with AlNico 5's to give enhanced tonal variation when wired through a standard 3 way coil selector switch. At 16 K.Ohm D.C ,the pickup has a hotter output than standard MM , O.L.P replacement units but with zero distortion  . Hand scatter wound , (reverse wound, reverse polarity) coils, as you would expect from us, for a tight & punchy  bass response with 3X the tonal variation than a standard factory alnico unit. connects directly to existing MM factory electronics or can be wired passively.  Earth shielded for low noise with our own hand made Graphite loaded covers for extra interference shielding. A flexible tonal upgrade requiring no body reworking or molestation of your instrument.


Steel poles & individual Neodymium rare earth Magnets & AlNiCo 5 Magnets

Hand scatter wound with 42 AWG plain enamel wire 16 K.Ohm output D.C

(please contact for other output options)

Rivet anchored coil ends

Tough Phenol flatwork as standard

5 point wiring for full Humbucking or 2x single coil options (RW,RP)

Wax saturated (potted) against Microphonic feedback

Standard Coil Magnet polarities, Front: South, Rear:  North

Coil configuration, Front: AlNiCo 5's, Rear: Neo's 

Handmade Graphite loaded covers with Mutant colour options



Length 102mm  Width 49mm Height 20mm

Screw spacings: 95mm


PRICE  £90 


Trade enquiries welcome