Revisited full humbucking version of the very first P Bass pickup . Hand scatter wound coils with AlNiCo 5 magnets or Alnico 2's for a retro tone . The Alnico 5 magnet versions retain the classic Vintage tone & is the more in the spirit of the original standard Tele 51',  the pickup has a tight, clear bass response, a fat output & a big open sound. A very impressive performance with the low noise output characteristic of the humbucking technology but not as RAW as the standard Tele 51' single coil unit. 



AlNiCo 5, or special =AlNiCo 2 magnets

Hand scatter wound with 42AWG plain enamel wire

11 K.Ohms  output D.C  

(please contact for other output options)

Rivet anchored coil ends

Tough Phenol flatwork as standard

Modern earth shielded or cloth covered hook-up wire

Wax saturated (potted) against microphonic feedback

Standard Coils Magnet polarity: South / North


Black taped coil


Length 87mm  Width 25mm   Height 18mm (AlNiCo’s) Height 22mm (Neo’s)

Screw spacings : 79mm

String spacings 54mm


PRICE   £ 80