MINI MUTANT for the 3 string Cigar Box Guitar

Price  £75

The Mini Mutant.

A version of our MM Mutant pickup in a diminuative forn for the Cigar Box Guitar. Combining the classic tone of AlNiCo 5 Magnets with the modern tone of the Neodymium rare earth Magnets. The front coil utilizes the AlNiCo 5's for enhanced Bass response while the rear coil has a treble bias due to it's position, further enhanced by the tonal characteristics of the Neodymium magnets. This unit reaches it's full potential when wired up through a 3 way selector switch giving the player the option of both sets of Magnets individually or used together in full Humbucking mode.



Hand scatter wound with 42AWG plain enamel wire

Rivet anchored coil ends

Modern earth shielded or cloth covered hook up wire

Phenolic flatwork as standard

Wax saturated (potted) against microphonic feedback

Standard output: 6 K.Ohms D.C

Magnet polarity: South / North

 (please contact for other output options)



Length: 58mm    Width: 38mm    Height: 18mm

fixing hole spacings: 48mm  

Pole spacings: 22mm