12 Coil blackout variable string spacings for 6 string bass

12 Coil pickup in Black
12 Coil pickup in Black
12 Coil with surround / thumb rest , made to order
12 Coil with surround / thumb rest , made to order

PRICE for a single pickup. £340

Pickup + thumb rest / surround. £360.

Our all new 12 COIL Blackout Variable string spacings edition for 6 string Bass. Can be built to order with your exact string spacing requirements ranging between 14.4mm & 17mm string-to-string or 72mm-85mm overall 

Designed as a replacement for MM standard Bass Guitar string spacings & custom builds with different string spacings. Featuring full Earth shielding & 12 individually Hand Scatter wound, (reverse wound, reverse polarity), matched coils . The Pickup is very quiet in operation with an absolute minimum of cross talk between strings.

Wired directly as a full Humbucker , the pickup has a near transparent bass response , giving a precise, full & detailed tone. Wired as 2 pseudo single coils, produces a slightly brighter response with more tonal sweetness than a standard humbucker, exceptional clarity & definition with minimum noise.

This pickup is suited to higher quality Instruments as the tone woods used in a Bass Guitar play a big part in the overall tonal qualities with a pickup of this type fitted..

Connects directly to the MM factory electronics or can be wired passively.

PLEASE NOTE: The Blackout 12 coil pickup sits deeper in a Bass Guitar than a standard MM type Humbucker . Instruments require a pickup cavity with a minimum 25mm depth to use the 12 coil pickup. To use this type of pickup in a standard Instrument, may require a reworking of the pickup cavity to a greater depth, this pickup is highly suited to hand made Bass guitars & Franken-Basses using existing Necks & Bodies of a high build quality.


Individual Neodymium rare earth Magnets

Hand scatter wound coils with 42 AWG plain enamel wire 16+ K.Ohm output D.C

multi point wiring on all 3 model options;


Option 1. standard 12 coil pickup

Available Coil outputs= 

All 12 coils / full humbucker +

 2x pseudo single (6) coil outputs


Option 2. split 12 coil pickup

All 12 coils / full humbucker + Split-p & reverse Split-p outputs =maximum tonal flexibility


Option 3. 1 Humbucker per string 12 coil pickup.

PLEASE NOTE* this version can only be used with an active coil balancing pre-amp* & has a single output option of all 12 coils together.


All of our 12 coil pickups are Wax saturated (potted) against Microphonic feedback. With Wrought Iron chassis plates & Non-adjustable Pole pieces.

Standard Coil Magnet polarities

Front: South,

Rear:  North

Handmade covers with many colour options as standard. Including Black & White 



MM Factory type only.

Length 117 mm  Width 49 mm

Height 27-28 mm

Screw spacings: 108 mm

Pole spacings: 1-6 = between 72 & 85 mm = string to string, between 14.4 & 17 mm 

 PRICE per pickup. £340

12 Coil, 1 Humbucker per string type Bass pickup
12 Coil, 1 Humbucker per string type Bass pickup