8 coil pickup with thumb rest surround.
8 coil pickup with thumb rest surround.

PRICE £240

Designed as a replacement for MM & O.L.P style Bass Guitars. Featuring full Earth shielding & 8 individual Hand Scatter wound, (reverse wound, reverse polarity), matched coils . The Pickup is very quiet in operation with an absolute minimum of cross talk between strings.

Wired directly as a full Humbucker , the pickup has a near transparent bass response , giving a precise, full & detailed tone. Wired as 2 pseudo single coils, produces a slightly brighter response with a sweetness , exceptional clarity & definition with minimum noise.

This pickup is suited to higher quality Instruments as the tone woods used in a Bass Guitar play a big part in the overall tonal qualities with a pickup of this type fitted..

Connects directly to the MM factory electronics or can be wired passively.

Ralf Deelsma, A bass player from Westerwald, Germany tested the 8 coil & this is what he had to say about it.....

 Fist thing I realised is the quiet operation and then I heard a full  and balanced tone with a gentle sweetness. The tone my finger made went straight  thru the pickup to the amp. Every detail was represented truthfully and clearly. The tone was defined and alive. For me this pickup should be also a good choice for a fretless bass.


PLEASE NOTE: The 8 coil pickup sits deeper in a Bass Guitar than a standard MM type Humbucker . Instruments require a pickup cavity with a minimum 25mm depth to use the 8 coil pickup. To use this type of pickup in a standard Instrument, may require a reworking of the pickup cavity, this pickup is highly suited to hand made Bass guitars & Franken-Basses using existing Necks & Bodies of a high build quality



Adjustable height steel poles & Neodymium rare earth Magnets

8 coils, individually Hand scatter wound with 42 AWG plain Enamel wire 16- 20 K.Ohm output D.C

(please contact for other output options)

Full earth shielding

5 Point wiring for full Humbucking or 2x pseudo single coil  hook up  options

Wax saturated (potted) against Microphonic feedback

Standard Coil Magnet polarities: Front: South, Rear: North

Hand-made covers with colour options


Length 102mm  Width 49mm 

Height 28mm

String spacings 57mm  Screw spacings 95mm


PRICE. £240