We make 3D printed pickup covers as prototypes. They could be used directly in a instrument depends on individuals aesthetics. You can see scanning lines on the cover, but they could be totally custom made.

Those who are  looking for flash finish we can clean them for you too.

Price will be counted individually per order.

Please use Contact Page.

Generally we print with PLA (Polylactic Acid), its a pretty strong plastic-it won't break, but its sensitive to high humidity and temperatures, typically between 111-145F

We print custom pick up covers, price start from  £60.00 all depends on the design.

Please contact us for more details

Bowl back mandolin Pickup

Development of pickup for mandolin. Prototype made on 3D printer soon in production

Single coil mandolin pickup design for bowl back mandolin it could fit other mandolins with string spacing 38mm and sound hole aprox. 68mm with adjustable distance to the strings.

bobbins build from phenolic material, neodymium magnets or Alnico2, hand wound hand scatter, wax potted,output 2.6kOhms. 3D printed feet to hold pickup on the top face of the instrument also adjustable plate to regulate the pickup distance to the strings, female jack at the end of the pickup.

3D printed white cover for standard MM bas pickup

3D plastic cover for soap bar pickup finished with burl walnut veneer and Japanese urushi lacquer