8 Coil, 1 Humbucker Per String for MM / OLP 4 string bass Guitar

1 Humbucker per string for MM / OLP bass guitar
1 Humbucker per string for MM / OLP bass guitar

PRICE. £240

This is the 3rd 8 Coil pickup we have developed & differs in it's internal construction from both our 1st 2 X 4 coils in a row version & our split 8 Coil . This 3rd version of our 8 Coil has 2 individual humbuckers per string & is wired up vertically to allow 4 individual humbucking outputs to be connected via a coil balancing pre-amp. The 1 Humbucker per string 8 Coil pickup works more like a strong single coil pickup than our other  8 Coil types, but with Hum cancelling. Because of the parallel wiring, a pre-amp is required to stop the coils loading onto each other, to keep the individual sound characteristics intact & separate from each other. This also minimises cross talk & intermodulation & is a great choice for studio recording . This pickup can be used effectively only with a 4 X input pre-amp such as the Notch Filter Preamp available from Lusithand or other 4 wire input type pre-amps for parallel wired pickups. The 1 Humbucker per string 8 Coil pickup will give diminished volume if used passively. 

Wound to between 18-20 K Ohms D.C & has been designed to fit a standard 4 string MM / OLP bass guitar with a minimum cavity depth of 22-25 mm.

* standard MM / OLP basses may require a re-routing of the pickup cavity to accept this 8coil pickup. Please ask for more information.



Adjustable height steel poles & Neodymium rare earth Magnets

8 coils, individually Hand scatter wound with 42 AWG plain Enamel wire, Total = 18- 20 K.Ohm output D.C

(please contact for other output options)

4 point hot & Earth hook up wiring

Full earth shielding

Wax saturated (potted) against Microphonic feedback

Standard Coil Magnet polarities: Front: South, Rear: North

Hand-made covers with many colour options including Pearlescent, Metal powder & colour matching to our customers specifications


Length 102mm  Width 49mm  Height 22 mm

String spacings 57mm  Screw spacings 95mm


PRICE £240